We believe that food serves our body the best when consumed in its original state of health. With our state-of-art technology, we deliver the natural taste of every product without adding any preservatives or synthetic colours. Our team is headed by passionate people. And we collectively strive to be a global benchmark in product innovation, quality, freshness and commitment to excellence; not just for business but for the people and the planet. We partner with our clients to grow relationships is based on trust. Our approach is always proactive and personal to understand the needs of the customers and thereby always deliver the right product at the right price.

The variety of our products helps us cater to the diverse demands within the global market. And while we scale, our dedication only grows to innovate, restore and enhance the quality of what we deliver.

Our production, packing & distribution sites are located in the most fertile crop-growing region in India. The proximity of our factories to our crops is one of our key strengths and ensures that only minutes are lost between harvest and locking in the product’s natural goodness in our packhouse.

Unick Xpo uses innovation to respect and restore the bounty of nature by supplying it in the best state of health. We lead the way with people, forging trust through our farmers and them being the stewards of our quality.

We work with responsibility and pride, constantly searching for an improvement and seeking opportunities that will benefit Unick Xpo. We support our colleagues, working together as a team with the shared goal of making Unick Xpo great.

Unick Xpo has delivered on one commitment constantly: No matter how much modern lifestyles change, the food we put on the table has to be affordable, sustainable and delicious.

Headquartered in Salem, our location is in the heart of the mango, vegetable, curry leaves, tapiaco belt of India, and has evolved to be an innovation centre, which nurtures creativity and research and also ensures sustained growth and continual improvement in freshness and quality assurance.